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Busy Schedule? You Can Still Get Your [ Traffic Game ] Up

Renee Sullivan here...

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I have heard and seen this said many times from my mentors, 
"Get your traffic game up," and until recently, I didn't know how or 
where to step up my traffic game.

Just 17 months ago when I began my journey online, I didn't even know
what an autoresponder or lead capture page was, so I had no concept of
getting traffic to a webpage or generating leads. 

Once I got past that learning curve and started implementing and teaching 
it, that's when it all made sense.

I've done this all while having a fulltime online business, working a JOB 
fulltime, and I have a daughter in highschool that is very active in marching
band, jazz band, chorus, and drama...that means I need to maintain my 
enthusiastic and energetic mompreneur status!

I've been asked,"How do you find the time to do all that and mentor others?" 
Here's how I do it...I learned how to simplify and automate my business 
AND I defy all time logic. LOL

My strategy is S.A.S.E.B.T. 

One of my mentors came up with that acronym and it has definitely stuck with me. 
I am using this SIMPLE 3 STEP FORMULA in which all I do each day is: 
Surf my Ads, Send an Email, and Buy Traffic.

AND the beauty of it all is...we show you exactly how to do all of this...
even on a busy schedule.


and let's do this!

Keeping It Super Simple (KISS).

Talk Soon!

Renee Sullivan :)

11 Regis Drive
Auburn MA 01501

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