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Haircuts (From a Bald Guy)? jam sessions and business

Renee Sullivan here...

Whenever we visit family, everyone in the family gets a haircut from our cousin,
Rich, who's a hairdresser. He's not you're average hairdresser...he's also a musician, 
a comic, a father. When you get a haircut, you also get entertained. He's actually
got a drum set in his salon and there have been times our family has gone there for a
"jam and cut" session. 

Oh...and did I mention that he's bald?  LOL!

Yes, yes...we have an entertaining bald hairdresser in the family, but don't let that 
bald head fool ya...he's one of the best hairdressers we know.

In fact, I used to travel the 3 1/2 hour drive every 6 weeks to get my hair done
because I am particular about my hair and Rich used to be the only person who could 
get it right. 

Ok, so I'm not as silly now to travel that distance just for my hair.. I have since then
found a hair salon closer to where I live that does a pretty good job...
but I do miss the entertainment every now and then.

The reason I bring this up is that I'm the same way with my online business...

I am very particular about what resources and offers I have and provide to others. 

My business has to be simple and it also has to be working for me (and my team...and
for you) 24/7 and yes that includes holidays.  

Case in point, yesterday I earned over $700 (in one offer alone) and I had very limited
access to the internet as I traveled to 3 different places for Thanksgiving. Yes that 
sounds nice, but as soon as I returned to my parents' house (where I am staying for the 
next few days), I put those earnings right back into in advertising (traffic) to keep 
my business working. This is how you keep your business working online while you don't 
have to!

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Also, if you are on any of my teams (or want to be ;) ) then the info below is for you.

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Just a few days in Traffic Authority and I've already made about $30 AND this is in addition
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4 Corners is still a part of the Broke Man's Plan, but for those who want to put real cash 
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Lastly, you need to be a PLS GOLD member to get the share code to work for you.
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We are more about teaching and less hype!

Well that's it for now, enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend if you celebrate!!  I will be with family
for the next few days and will catch up on Monday. 

Talk soon!

Renee Sullivan :)

P.S. The pages in this email are part of the share code.
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718 Southbridge Street
Auburn Massachusetts 01501

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