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The highway vs. a detour...which one gets you there faster?

Renee Sullivan here..

If you are new on my list or have been reading (or not reading) my updates, then understand
that you can unsubscribe at any time at the bottom of every email.

Also if you have followed me for a while, then you know that I have been pushing 4 Corners
Alliance Group for a while.  I am still promoting 4 Corners but understand that I am promoting
it differently now.

If you read my previous emails you'd also know that I traveled to visit family for the Thanksgiving
holiday. I just got back today from what should have been a 3 1/2 hour ride to being a 5 hour drive.
That is because of traffic...and not the kind of traffic that I enjoy.

Luckily our car is kinda smart and told us about upcoming traffic issues ahead...we did get off 
the nearest exit and took a different route. It still took us longer than it should have, but I'm 
sure if we had stayed on that same highway it would have taken us at least a few extra hours.

Either way we went, we'd get home...but assessing what information we were given, we realized that
taking a detour would get us home faster, so that's the route we took instead of the highway. 

So taking this crazy analogy and applying it to a couple of systems that I have been using

There is 4 Corners and Traffic Authority.

4 Corners is the path many are taking and Traffic Authority is the path that some people have chosen
to take based on the information they have. Some info is from their own numbers and some from others.

Now, in each of the two systems here, there is the same back end system of Power Lead System
(marketing system) and Traffic Monsoon (rev share traffic source we leverage for paid traffic)

In 4 Corners, you get $4 commissions every time you sponsor a person until you reach your second level.
Then you get the $4 commissions once your personally sponsored people sponsor someone. Now, unless you 
are a level six...you will not be able to withdraw this money until you are a LEVEL SIX.  Getting to 
level six will cost approximately $550 of your initial 4C profits.

The below pic is from 4 corners (Rob Fraser's, not mine). Pay attention to his total sponsored and 
amount withdrawn in the bottom right side of the pic.

In Traffic Authority, you make $10 or $16 commissions every time your sponsor a person at the 
basic level.  Actually you make $10 until your 6th sale at the basic level and then on it's $16.

Just taking those numbers you are already making 2-3x more money off the bat.  Now that isn't
all the aspects to the comp. plan nor is it all of the ways you can earn in both of these companies,
but I think there you can get a general sense.  

Also, Rob has sponsored 282 folks in 4 Corners and makes $150 a week. With Traffic Authority, he's
made about $600 a week ago and actually landed on the leader-board with nowhere near the same amount
of people. The below pics are from Traffic Authority

The below pics are from Traffic Authority


Needless to say, it didn't take sponsoring 282 folks to do it.  I think Rob sponsored maybe 10 people.
So what do you think would put money in your pocket faster?

Sponsoring hundreds of folks to make beans or sponsoring 10's of folks to make $600ish?  =)

I will include 4 corners with the Broke Man's/Woman's Plan/Quit My JOB Plan and use the marketing system 
that one of my mentors created, but my "primary" will be Traffic Authority as there is more money 
to be made faster!

CLICK HERE to check out the extra long way there

or for you adventurous ones


Talk Soon!

Renee :) 

P.S. Below is a screenshot of a few of my personal earnings in Traffic Authority from the past few days. This is WITHOUT actually promoting this yet! And next to that picture is our car alerting us to traffic ahead...our reason for the detour.

718 Southbridge Street
Auburn Massachusetts 01501

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