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Be Mindful Of What You Say or Post Online

Renee Sullivan here...

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Recently one of my mentors' name was mentioned during a hangout that another marketer was doing. What this marketer should have done is to redirect the question to her own methods rather than doing what she did...allowing others and herself to discredit him. 

Understand that each online marketer has his/her own strengths and skills. Some people have a lot of funds to use toward building a program. Some people are very good at "belly to belly" conversation. Most others do not have that luxury, skills, they are new, broke or struggling to find a mentor and strategy that works for the masses.

What my mentors (and now myself) teach is a strategy for the new person, struggling person, and savvy, experienced marketers. This is the strategy that has taken me from a complete newbie 21 months ago with very limited funds and skills to now a mentor and leader. It just takes the work and drive to follow the plan, no matter what!

This link below is to the hangout video I am referring to...at exactly the 43 minute mark:

This link is to a post on Facebook that another marketer made as a rebuttal to the comments made.

If you are an entrepreneur/business owner, understand that people do read and pay attention to what you say and post on social media. 

Make sure your message is something that sparks engaging conversation and adds value/training as opposed to negativity or bashing of another leader or marketer. If you talk negatively about someone, it only makes YOU look bad, not the other way around.

Talk Soon!

Renee :)

p.s. What do you do when you see many negative postings from a business owner/entrepreneur?

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