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[ Stay Away ] from the shiny object AND instead...

...reach out to your sponsor/mentor first 

Renee Sullivan here...

They are coming to your inboxes and emails etc. They find you
in a Facebook group, friend you, or ask you to friend them.
Online marketers with their newest shiny offers, trying 
to get you to buy, join, claiming to help or educate you...

BUT what happens is...they take you away from your sponsor...
and the strategy that is already in place and working for you.

This is tacky and unprofessional. This person is either someone
who is new and desperate OR most often it is someone who has 
ulterior motives to make money from you and separate you from 
the mentor who really wants to help you succeed.

WATCH THE VIDEO I MADE HERE where I caution you about what 
might happen to you...so be prepared. 

Here is what I suggest you always do...REACH OUT TO YOUR 
SPONSOR/MENTOR FIRST! He/she is the best choice of person to
help you decide if a program is a good fit for you, and whether 
it will hurt or hinder your momentum and business.

I have seen far too many people lose FOCUS, momentum and MONEY
by buying something that they don't actually need. Trust me,
I've been there and made those mistakes, so I am reaching out
to help you NOT to make them.

Trust in your sponsor/mentor. Learn how to say, "No thanks. What 
I am using is already in place and working."

If I am your sponsor/mentor, please understand and trust that our 
system is already set and working well for those who follow it.

Please know that I will NOT get distracted by anything else, nor 
will I promote anything other than what we know is already working
inside our business opportunity community.

You have access to training, strategy and mentoring at no cost
to you as a team member. We already have a funnel system in place 
with proven success! 


My ENERGY goes to the self-motivated action takers who are willing 
to follow our blueprint. 

Pay attention & stay very close to me.

Stay active in our strategy groups HERE and HERE

We are here to help you make it!

Talk Soon!

Renee :)

718 Southbridge Street
Auburn Massachusetts 01501

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